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The painting is stunning. The family members were all assembled for the unveiling and all gasped with astonishment when they saw it. No one could believe such a high quality oil painting was created from a photo!  The painting is now a lifetime family treasure. ( Brian Thomas email us the framed painting when he receive it. Click to see)
Brian Thomas, Australia

"The painting was gorgeous!!! I am sending you this picture of my parents with the portrait you painted. We surprised the family having them dress the same!"
Chris, NY.USA,2007

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Family Portrait Ideas

Some Family Portrait Ideas for Creating Photographs of People

Creative family portrait ideas.

Don't limit yourself to always shooting from the same relative level as your subjects. Go higher and shoot down (ladder, or top of hill). Shoot from below your subject (lay down, or have them on top of a wall, with you below them).


Get outstanding family portrait ideas from the experts!

Look through magazines, but not how you normally would. Next time you're in a doctor's waiting room, examine the ads and notice how people were posed by professionals. See if you could modify any poses and create your own family portrait ideas. You don't need to tell anyone you saw it in a magazine.

Family Portrait Ideas & More

Elegant bridal photos, heart-melting child photography poses, heirloom-quality family portrait ideas and more can be found. You'll discover the inspiration to truly "wow" your clients with new, innovative settings that will rank you as a premium photographer. Bookmark the Portrait Photography Gallery now and return often.

"Family portrait ideas are needed to bring more creativity to family portraits."

Before taking a family portrait, a few things should be asked: what do I want the photo to say about my family, what are some things that the family likes to do together, is there a theme that would make this photograph more interesting? When these questions are answered, great family portrait ideas may come to mind.

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Some family portrait ideas are more suitable for children than others.

If you're trying to take a candid "natural" photograph of a young child, you may need to bore them into it. Children will often get very interested in what you are doing (with the camera) and thus eliminate any chance of getting a natural photograph of them.

Wait them out. If you take a bunch of pictures, eventually the novelty will wear off for them and they will often go off and "be themselves," thus ignoring you. That's your goal. Just watch, stay out of their way, don't talk to them, and capture the masterpieces!

Capture that special moment...
turn it into a masterpiece that will last forever!
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